Thanks for everything
12.12.12 - 04.05.15
The last EP:
'2 Weeks Notice'
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Just as we sort of got our feet on the ground again, a few road blocks have popped up. And this time there may be no way around them.

A month ago we recorded a cover song and played a couple of gigs as we have been writing some new material since the back end of last year, after acquiring our new guitarist in our friend Akira. A new EP/album was in the making and the next stop was to get the word out and get as many gigs played around the country as possible, this summer. We planned to make a video to promote a new song that would be on said release.

There are far too many people to thank so I'm not going to list them all as I will forget someone. But we appreciate absolutely every single person that has ever watched us play, talked to us after a gig, inquired about our music, stole a CD, bought a CD, bought a t shirt, put us on their gig, reviewed our music, played us on their radio show/podcast, shared our music, thought we were shit, took the time to come on fucking Facebook and "like" our page, shared our pleas when we were searching for a new drummer.

We really wanted to push this a lot further and we had dreams of playing further away from home and releasing more music, but sadly at this stage of (some of) our lives, that isn't going to be possible. Who knows, some of us might start something else up or we might play again when we are all about, but for now, we quit.

All our love,

Jez, Dan, George, Adam and Akira xxx